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About Ava Simone.

Photo by Erin Chrusciel

Ava Simone is a Nashville based multi-instrumental singer/songwriter who hails from the Springfield, Massachusetts. Through her studies at the Community Music School of Springfield and the Valley Jazz Voices choir, she became steeped in rich music tradition and explored a variety of disciplines vocally and instrumentally. As she continued to learn and grow, she became enthralled in the world of songwriting, a path she is still walking today. Her debut EP "Bittersweet" was released in March of 2020 and features complex lyrical content delivered by comprehensive melodies and sympathetic vocal harmony parts, and arrangements based in piano, guitar, strings, and ukulele. Using her knowledge of both harmony and poetry, she creates music that is true to herself as an artist and pays respect to her folk, Americana, soul, and rock influences. She has been featured in the Western Mass Songwriter’s Collaborative and has had the honor of performing in the iconic Club Passim Campfire Festival two years in a row.

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